Weekly Writing Update – 09-15-14

Since last week, I have had one hell of a bad week. My bike has been stolen. I found a replacement, but spent the last of my money on tires for it, only to find out those tires don’t fit. I have fought with two of my coworkers in a short amount of time, and I have discovered that rewriting The Sorcerer and The Swordsman is far harder than I thought it would be.

Word Counts

Kurylian Saga: The Sorcerer and The Swordsman – Edit one – WC: 150, 329

Kurylian Saga: The Prince and The Corpse – Rough Draft – WC: 1,348

Kaimi Rowe Series: Seeker Born – Rough Draft – Restarted – Outline phase

Unnamed Scifi short story – Idea stage – Minor research done

Blog Posts

(I am so ashamed to admit I haven’t posted at all this week.)

Books Read

Room by Emma Donaghue


Finish The Frugal Duchess by Sharon Harvey Rosenburg

Post two more chapters of Breaking Down Nemesis

Finish writing one of the posts for Mari Wells

2 comments to Weekly Writing Update – 09-15-14

  • Nissa Annakindt  says:

    I’m so sorry about your bad week! And rewrites can be tough. In my own case I’m rewriting a story I originally did 20 years ago that I found in my files. Well, I wish you the best with your rewrite.

    • Otaku Lady  says:

      Oh wow, I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner! Thank you for your sympathy, I really appreciate it. While this week hasn’t gone much better, the rewrite at least has!

      I’m turning The Sorcerer and the Swordsman into a series of smaller novels, because I realised that there was too much condensed to be able to consider one novel! But I’d like to hear more about your novel!

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