Weekly Writing Update – 02/27/15

I’d like to have a moment of silence, in honor of a great man, who died today. Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015


Thank you. Mr. Nimoy was a wonderful man. He had a great sense of humor, his portrayal as Spock on Star Trek was insurmountable, and he was a writer like all of us. His memory will live on for a very  long time.

Word Counts: 

First Book of the Kurylian Saga: 1.5 sections rewritten (Current total: 18,077 words)

Kaimi Rowe Series: Seeker Born – Rough Draft – Restarted

Blue Roses – 9,971 words – Dystopian Love Story

Blog Posts

Ipsy January Unveiling

Books Read

None finished this week, sadly…


Finish Lolita by Vladimir Nobakov

Keep Bullet Journaling

Two more blog posts for this blog this week!

Hit 20,000 for Kurylian Saga

Finish Summer at Tiffany’s by Marjorie Hart


Please, Leave your favorite Nimoy quote in the comments, or perhaps anything you have to say about the great actor/author/star. Anecdotes appreciated.

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