Weekly Writing Update – 06/28/15

  • Posted on June 28, 2015 at 8:03 pm

This week has been a bit rough for me. I’ve been forced to take part time hours at my job, due to massive panic attacks, and I’m worried about next month’s rent. However, I remain hopeful. Worried, but hopeful. The book is coming along well! We’re towards the climax of it now, and that’s always fun!

Also, I’ve started up a new gaming group, of which we’re making meetings every other week. This means I can still spend time with my nakama, and have plenty of time to imagine the world I’ll be playing in too!

click here Word Counts: 

First Book of the Kurylian Saga: 1.5 sections rewritten –

  1. Knight of Kuryle – 26,203 words – roughly two-thirds rewritten.

Kaimi Rowe Series: Seeker Born – Rough Draft – Restarted w/new concept

  1. Snippet can be seen in Bruises and Broken Bones

An Asexual’s Guide to Dating – Outlined – one section handwritten

source site Blog Posts:

None this week! Been too busy, I’m afraid.

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None finished this week, sadly. Would love to see some reccomendations for this one!


Finish rewriting Knight of Kuryle

Two more blog posts for this blog this week!

Read all of Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer

Start Dialogue by James Scott Bell

Start The Prince by Machiavelli


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