E – Ergo Proxy

In the fifth day of our twenty-six-day journey, I come to a great classic of the anime world, Ergo Proxy. A dazzling Science Fiction tale, Ergo Proxy digs deep into psychology, film noir, and mindscrews. One of the best parts of this series is that it follows two protagonists, Re-L and Vincent Law. Between the two of them, we explore the rich world and slowly put together the dark, deep well of that world. 

http://wpchotsprings.com/André-Rieu-Amen-2011-Maastricht(F8wgIu4rt38) Why I recommend it for writers: The solid narrative, as well as the absolutely masterful use of unreliable narrators just tickles me.

buy accutane uk online Warnings: Murders. Lots of murders.

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Have you seen this anime? What about it made you want to be a better writer? Do you intend to go shotgun this anime now that I’ve shown it to you? Comment below and tell me what you think!


2 comments to E – Ergo Proxy

  • Christopher D. Votey  says:

    Unreliable narration is a tricky thing to do. Interesting to see done right.

    • Nicohle Christopherson  says:

      When done right, unreliable narration is one of my favorite tropes. Not only that, but the way it’s done in this series makes for an interesting break from established versions of the trope. I can’t say any more without spoiling you, but trust me, it’s worth a watch.

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