R – reLIFE

reLIFE is on here as an answer to the question, ‘would you do it all over again if you could?’ I include it because the main character is a 29 year old loser who gets the chance to go back and do his last year of highschool all over again. This anime is a real heartjerker, and it made me feel refreshed and ready to make my life better.

Why I recommend it to Writers: Because of how refreshing and inspiring it is, I feel like we cynical writer types need this sort of thing every now and again. Plus, the series is just downright full of twists and turns. See if you can guess them!

Warnings: A 29 year old guy perving on some highschool girls. Other than that, this is a really tame anime.

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Have you seen this anime? What about it made you want to be a better writer? Do you intend to go shotgun this anime now that I’ve shown it to you? Comment below and tell me what you think!

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