5 of the strangest ways people save money

Today’s article is written by Jessica Pierce.

Are you one of those people who is always looking for smarter ways to save cash? Then it’s likely that you are already doing quite a few savvy things to stretch your pennies.

But that said, you can never be doing too much. With this in mind, here are five eccentric and under-the-radar tips for saving money:

1. Go shopping on a full stomach

Ever been shopping while hungry? Then you know the score – you grab that trolley with a strict budget in mind and then, somehow, find yourself leaving with extra gooey chocolate ice cream. So always eat a meal before heading out on your weekly grocery shop — that way, you will have a lot more self-discipline. A rumbling tummy is terrible for the wallet. 

2. Game the system on eBay

There are various crafty ways to snap up amazing bargains on eBay. One of them is to look out for spelling mistakes. For instance, if someone is selling their PlayStation but accidentally spells it as “Paystation”, then that’s not going to show up on search results, meaning you could snap it up super cheat. Best of all, you don’t have to trawl through eBay yourself to find these errors – sites like FatFingers will do it for you.  Also, bear in mind that eBay is great for bargains in general — for instance, an estimated 81% of items sold on eBay are actually brand new, yet you can often get them at a cut-price rate. 

3. Get a round-up savings account

What exactly is that, you may wonder? Essentially, it is a kind of bank account that rounds up any amount you spend with your card and puts the remainder into a savings pocket. Alternatively, you can do this via a nifty apps. For instance, if you buy a cappuccino for £2.70, then that amount will be rounded up to £3.00, saving the extra 30p for you. The money will stack up before you know it and best of all, without you even having to think about it. 

4. Get free haircuts

Did you know that most salons have regular training days where newbie stylists are given a chance to try out their skills on willing guinea pigs? Sign up for one of them and you could snag yourself a free haircut. And if this sounds like a scary prospect to you (what if they end up wrecking your gorgeous locks?), then never fear, they will be fully supervised by experienced stylists. 

5. Get freebies by writing reviews

Want to enjoy the stuff that you love for free? Then write about it. For instance, if you are a beauty buff, then you could create your own cosmetics blog and begin reaching out to brands for free product samples to review. The same goes if you’re a foodie — work to establish a presence as a dining blogger in your area and before too long, you will start getting invited along to review newly opened restaurants. The key is to blog regularly, blog with passion and network like crazy — this post from The Minimalists offers a beginner guide. It can take a little time but don’t give up, as eventually, the freebies will start flowing in. I hope that these five tips have been handy to you and have given you inspiration for upping your money game. Why not set a 12-month savings goal with a concrete reward at the end, such as an exotic holiday or a beautiful piece of antique jewellery? That way, you will really be incentivised to find creative ways to limit your spending.

Happy penny-pinching!

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