A Knight of Kuryle


A Knight of Kuryle is the beginning of the Kurylian Saga.

When Kier awakens from a ritual giving him a demon beneath his skin, he immediately seeks revenge upon a village by burning it to the ground and slaying all adults above the age of fifteen. When Dirk’s village is destroyed, he is informed by the Clergy that it will not be rebuilt, due to some inherent wrongness in it. Desperate to find some sort of justice, Dirk signs on to be a knight in the service of the Priest-Queen. Meanwhile, Kier’s vengeance is won, and now he has acts of mercy to perform. Traveling the world, he tracks down specific individuals and frees them from their mortal coil. Dirk finds out about these murders when his adopted son, Jorgan, receives letters from his siblings. Will Dirk stand by and allow the murderous mage to continue his path of mayhem? Or will he stand up as only a Knight of Kuryle can, and track down the murderer?