Helpful Links

This page is where I share all of the most helpful articles/bloggers that I know, so that you might enjoy and learn. Things such as articles on world building, Tips and tricks for the biz, articles about various mental illnesses, and etc. shall be found here. Please, use as you will, and have fun!

Chris Votey – Has a wonderful page on all sorts of worldbuilding materials, mostly mapmaking, that can help with planning out a world. Also check out his grammar pages, they are amazing.

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt. 2: The Lie Your Character Believes by K.M. Weiland – Is a wonderful article that gave me many great ideas for character arcs, which I constantly have problems with.

Let’s Talk about RSS Feeds by Daily Post – Is a wonderful article on RSS feeds, how to use them, and what they do. Very informative, and quite helpful.

How to Make a Living as an Indie Author by Robert J. Crane

 Writerology by Skye Fairwin

How to Use Reading to Become A Better Author by Leo Babauta – A great blogsite by a friend, who happens to write wonderful for-author articles! – A great website to research what tropes have been used where, and how.

30 Things a Writer Learned  – A long list of beautiful tidbits of advice and links to books about the craft of writing good books.

How to Start a Blog by Robert Mening – A very helpful article about setting up a website for your writer’s blog! Or any blog, for that matter.