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Weekly Writing Update – 08/09/13

Sorry that this is a little late. This week has been hectic. With breaking up with my significant other, as well as significant changes in my life (I’m now biking to work, for instance. Ouch. My legs are ready to disown me and move back to wherever it is they came from.) things haven’t been working out as well as I thought.

Word Counts

Kurylian Saga: The Sorcerer and The Swordsman – Edit one – 11 pages

Kurylian Saga: The Prince and The Corpse – Rough Draft – WC: 1,348

Kaimi Rowe Series: Seeker Born – Rough Draft – Restarted – Outline phase

Blog Posts

Oracle Reading

Creating Diverse Literature

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Word count: 1,348/2500

This week’s wordcount: —-

Finished Seekerborn Outline

Edited pages of TSaTS: 21 (total)