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England lagged far behind European countries in accepting female actors.

Shakespeare never shied away from confusing gender-swaps and played with the all-male mandate to create cross-dressing roles that were both challenging and entertaining. Below are some gender-swapping moments as conceived by the Bard.

The swap: A woman disguises Fresno TX bi horny wives as a man to travel safely in the forest after being banished. Rosalind disguises herself as a young man named Ganymede after she is banished from the royal court.

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In the Forest of Arden, Ganymede runs into the exiled Orlando, who is aching for Rosalind, who happens to love him. In the meantime, Phoebe falls in love with Ganymede, causing a huge fight because Silvius loves Phoebe.

Ganymede solves this by having Phoebe promise to marry Silvius and Orlando promise to marry Rosalind. The husband, however, hates the aunt and beats the cross-dressed Falstaff. Viola disguises herself as a Hookers in biloxi, Cesario, so that she can get employment by serving Duke Orsino.

She falls in love with the duke, who loves Olivia, who falls for his new servant, Cesario. Oliva mistakes Sebastian for Cesario and asks him to marry. After much confusion, Viola reveals her identify and marries Duke Orsino.

The wealthy heiress Portia disguises herself as a doctor and takes her Lehigh OK sexy women, Nerissa, dressed as a law clerk, to court in order to defend Antonio, the merchant of Venice, against his debtor, the money-lender Shylock.

Posthumus sends his servant Pisanio to kill Imogen.

Instead, Pisanio advises Imogen to disguise herself as a boy named Fidele and flee. Eventually Fidele and Women want hot sex Mancelona end up in jail together, where Iachimo comes clean about the bracelet theft that led Posthumus to believe in the affair. Posthumus states his guilt in having Imogen killed.

All reconcile in this play that veers between tragedy and comedy.